The declarant shall:

1. Present the customs representative card upon reporting to customs


2. Submit the documents required.

3. Pay the customs duties accrued to the goods.

4. Collect copies of the declaration (declarant copy, entry point copy and

claims copy).

5. Take over the goods after completing all procedures with the competent

agencies (DPA and DNATA) including Emirates Airline.

In an online environment, the client or his agent process the bill including

the payment of duty at his desk and submit the documents at Customs

within 48 hrs. In this circumstance, there is no manual steps like above.



a. Any goods imported into the country by sea shall be registered in the


b. A single manifest for the whole load signed by the shipmaster shall be

made which shall contain the following information:

1. Name and nationality of the ship and its registered load.

2. Types of the goods, total weight thereof and weight of the bulk

goods, if any. If goods are prohibited, their actual description shall be


3. Number of packages and pieces, description of packing, marks and

numbers thereof.

4. Names of the consignor and consignee.

5. The seaports where the goods are shipped from (ports of loading).

c. When the ship enters the customs zones, the shipmaster shall producethe original manifest to the competent authorities.

d. When the ships enters the harbor, the shipmaster shall submit to the

customs office the following:

1. The cargo manifest.

2. The manifest of the ship’s supplies (logistics) and the crew’s baggage

and belongings.

3. A list of the passengers’ names.

4. A list of the goods to be unloaded at this port.

5. All the shipping documents which the customs office may require for

application of the customs laws.



1. Import goods declaration.

2. Delivery order.

3. Original bill of lading.

4. Original authenticated invoice.

5. Original approved certificate of origin.

6. Packing list with HS codes.


1. Import goods declaration.

2. Delivery order.

3. Original bill of lading.

4. Original or copy of the invoice.

5. Original or copy of the certificate of origin.

6. Packing list with HS codes (not required for personal effects).


1. Importgoods declaration.

2. Original manifest.

3. Original bill of lading.

4. Original invoice.

5. Certificate of origin.

6. Packing list with HS codes.


No need of any original documents, instead the items will be inspected and

if it contain identical items more than one piece, the duty will be imposed



(Import of new vehicles are the same as any other goods)

1. Import goods declaration.

2. The declarant shall submit the documents required.

3. The declarant shall proceed to the inspection section to obtain a vehicle

inspection report.

4. Payment of payable customs duties and inspection.

5. Receive copies of the customs declaration.

6. Payment of vehicle clearance certificate fees amounting to AED 10.

7. Receive the vehicle clearance certificate.


1. Original delivery order.

2. Original bill of lading.

3. Original approved invoice for new vehicles only or value of used vehicles

as estimated by customs valuation officers.

4. Authenticated certificate of origin for new vehicles only.

5. Packing list with the HS codes for new vehicles only.

6. Copy of the commercial license for companies or copy of the passport. (other than companies).


Documents required:

1. Delivery order

2. Second copy of the Bill of Lading

3. Inspection report