Importing of Vehicles to Dubai

(Import of new vehicles are the same as any other goods)

1. Import goods declaration.

2. The declarant shall submit the documents required.

3. The declarant shall proceed to the inspection section to obtain a vehicle inspection report.

4. Payment of payable customs duties and inspection.

5. Receive copies of the customs declaration.

6. Payment of vehicle clearance certificate fees amounting to AED 10.

7. Receive the vehicle clearance certificate. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED

1. Original delivery order. 2. Original bill of lading. 3. Original approved invoice for new vehicles only or value of used vehicles as estimated by customs valuation officers. 4. Authenticated certificate of origin for new vehicles only. 5. Packing list with the HS codes for new vehicles only. 6. Copy of the commercial license for companies or copy of the passport (other than companies).




Documents required:

1. Delivery order 2. Second copy of the Bill of Lading 3. Inspection report