Transit is  a type of declaration is processed for goods being imported from

outside the country for the benefit of an importer from outside the country

as well addressed in his name or the name of a licensed carrier agent

by a competent authority on behalf of the importer. The goods shall only

be registered, since it is transiting the territories of the country to a final

destination. A deposit amount equivalent to the total value of goods shall be

collected to ensure exit of goods outside the country within 30 days from the

date of the transaction processing.




The declarant shall:

1. Produce the customs representative card upon reporting to customs


2. Submit the documents required.

3. Pay the deposit accrued to the goods.

4. Collect copies of the declaration (declarant copy, entry point copy and

claims copy).

5. Goods shall be inspected and examined by inspection officers. Goods

shall then be stamped by customs seal, which is to be recorded in the

customs exit/entry certificate so that customs authorities at the port of

exit or entry can endorse such certificate and confirm that goods have

which Dubai Customs can refund the deposit.


6. Customs exit/entry certificate.




1. Delivery order from the shipping agent addressed in the name of

the foreign importer or his carrier agent authorized by local licensing

2. Bill of lading (mentioning the expression of transiting the country).

3. Copy of the invoice.

4. Transit permit from the competent agencies for restricted goods.

5. Customs exit/entry certificate.




Such type of declaration is processed upon arrival of goods in the country’s

port of entry and intended to be transited in cases of ship-shore-ship or air

to air. The declaration shall only be processed by registering such goods due

to their transiting to a final destination without transiting the territories of the

country or leaving the customs zone.



The declarant shall:

1. Submit the documents required.

2. Pay the transshipment registration fees amounting to AED 10.

3. Contact DPA and DNATA to complete other formalities.


Original delivery order from the shipping agent.


Copy of the bill of lading.